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10 Best Things to Do and See Around Machu Picchu

Few things on earth are as intriguing, adventure-packed, mysterious and captivating as,

Machu Picchu. Here are 10 interesting things around this action-packed South

American tourist hotspot, which is also one of the seven wonders of the world.

Witness Ceremonial Baths

If you walk straight towards the ruins through the mail visitor gate, you’ll go through the

elaborate network of terraces to witness a spectacular series of 16 interlinked ceremonial

baths that gush into the ruins, along with a flight of stairs. Truly a sight to behold!

Take The Kids to Butterfly House

When you’ve explored the Inca Trail to your heart’s content, this locally managed farm

is refreshingly off the beaten tourist path. Show your little ones the butterfly life-cycle,

along with explaining the significance of conservation of the native species.

Experience the Ultimate Adrenaline Hit

If hiking along the Inca Trail didn’t get your adrenaline juices flowing enough, enjoy a

45 minute ride to Santa Teresa and go to Cola de Mono, where visitors can experience

hair-raising adventures, including ziplining through the overflowing Sacsara River.

Recovery is easy at the thermal baths located close by.

Be Bewitched by the Manuel Chavez Ballon Museum

The less frequented gem is about a half hour walk from Aguas calientes, and is a

fascinating base to explore the region’s history, artefacts and flora. Visit the botanical

garden housed adjacent to the main museum. Visit the museum before heading towards

the trails to acquire a better understanding.

Grab Amazing Bargains at Cusco Handicraft Market

Shop for goods at throwaway prices at the Cusco Handicraft Market. You’ll find

everything from vibrantly patterned tablecloths to ceramic mugs or overnight bags to leg

warmers. There are plenty of bargains and some nice roadside treats to be enjoyed here.

Experience the Thrilling Climb to Inca Bridge

While local folklore has it that the Inca Bridge was a secret back passage to Machu

Picchu, the bridge features a 20-feet hollow in the extremely narrow trail, where it holds

a mammoth 1,900-feet cliff. An unforgettable hike!

See the House of Ornaments

Your Machu Picchu trip won’t really consummate until you’ve visited one of the little

known yet finest structures in the region – the House of Ornaments. The intriguing

Sacristy was used a chamber for storing ornaments, which is evident in the niches

sprinkled around the room. There are two massive rocks at the entrance, with each

stone having over dozen angles cut into it.

Go Orchid Spotting

Come rains from November to March and Machu Picchu becomes the perfect place for

going orchid spotting. Don’t miss a visit to the Orchid Garden managed by the Mendoza

Mora clan, where you can witness no less than 400 distinct varieties of orchids in their

full bloom.

Witness the Machu Picchu Sanctuary

Witness the renowned restored relics of the fascinating pre-Columbian Inca civilization

with the 200 odd structures comprising residential structures, the sacrosanct Temple of

Three Windows and the Sun Temple. Watch the intricate stonework on the Inca walls or

take a guided tour to learn more about the erstwhile empire and Inca culture. Start early

to duck the touristy crowd, with the bonus of a stunning sunset thrown in for good


Enjoy Breathtaking Views at Hut of the Caretaker of Funerary Rock

Grab a vantage point view of the entire site from here, one among the few structures that

has been rebuilt with a convenient thatched roof (handy for shelter during rains). The

rock just behind the hut is believed to have been utilized for mummifying the region’s

nobility, thus giving the site its queer name.