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7 Must-See Amazing Skywalks

If you are looking for breathtaking sceneries and awesome man-made structures, the world offers you these incredible viewpoints. These epic structures have attracted thousands of tourists around the globe. So, if you are looking for a whole new level of experience and thrilling adventures, here are the world’s best skywalks and viewpoints.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Designed and developed by architect Mark Ross Johnson and funded by a businessman, David Jin. The Grand Canyon Skywalk extends from the famous landform within 70 feet, with a height of 4,000 feet above the ground. The Skywalk is set on an area with the best view of the Grand Canyon. For that, more than 300,000 tourists visit there per year since 2007. The Hualapai Tribe runs the operation of the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Glacier Skywalk

Opened in May 2014, the Canadian Glacier Skywalk serves as a perfect observation deck for tourists as it is mostly made out of glass. It raises 900 feet from the glacier-carved gorges and spectacular waterfalls in the southern part of Jasper National Park in Alberta. It was constructed in a span of three years which costs $21 million Canadian dollars, designed by Sturgess Architecture and Read Jones Christofferson. Because of its amazing construction that shows the beauty of Canadian Rockies, the Glacier Skywalk has won many different awards from the recent years.

OCBC Skywalk, Supertree Grove

Constructed out of concrete and steel, the Supertree Grove resemble manmade trees surrounded by more than 100,000 flowering plants by the Bay Nature Park. One of Singapore’s famous attraction, the Skywalk stands 22 meters high with a length of 128 meters. There are twelve trees and an aerial walkway that connects two of the trees which provides the best view of the surrounding gardens and the Marina Bay skyline. The evening greets the guests with an amazing light and sound show known as the ‘Garden Rhapsody’.

Top of Tyrol

The Top of Tyrol platform offers the most breath-taking view of the Stubai Alps. With a height of 3,210 meters which extends nine meters from the mountain surface. Another interactive feature of the platform is the free use of telescope which allows the tourists to have a closer look of the surrounding summits. The Top of Tyrol is located at Stubaier Gletscher skiing area in Austria and it is designed by Innsbruck-based architecture firm LAAC.

Tianmen Cliff-Hanging Walkway

One of the best way to enjoy the beauty of China’s Tianmen Mountain is by walking along its Cliff-Hanging Walkway. With a height of 1,400 meters, the walkway is elongated along the mountain side with almost a length of one-mile. A section of the walkway which is constructed out of glass is known as ‘The Walk of Faith’ which offers the most awesome view of the mountain. It is a fun yet a dizzying experience because of the steep view of the mountain which is why it is better to explore during foggy days as it blurs the bottom part.

Iguazu Falls Gangway

Standing over a mile longer than the Niagara Falls, the Iguazu Falls offers one of the most spectacular cataracts at 1.7 miles wide. One of the best spot of the Iguazu Falls is the Devil’s Throat which is said to be the tallest water fall along the series of gangways which is over 1,000 kilometers long that leads to a balcony that is surrounded by a captivating scenery.

The Skydeck

The Skydeck was first opened in 1974 and it has become an attraction to the public. With an average of 1.7 million guests per year, the Chicago’s Willis Tower stands with 103 floors that offers the best view of over 50 miles along the four states. It is somewhat unique, however, because of the retractable glass boxes which makes the visit more inciting. The ledge is attached to the side of the tower which is raised 1,353 feet off the ground and extends 4.3 feet long from the tower. No doubt it is one of the best place to take a selfie to show off the city.