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A Man Lives in His Truck and Turns it Into a Camper Van to Travel Across US

John Charles Putrino lives his dream of traveling across United States through his $250 camper van.

The 25-year old man decided to build a bed and storage unit at the back of his Dodge Ram 1500 truck for $250 instead of buying an expensive camper van in the market. He refused to install kitchen and heating equipment inside the van because it will take more space so he just used heating blankets in cold season.

When you look at the back of his truck, it looked like there’s a king size bed with 2 big drawers underneath. The term he used which pertains to the back of his truck was “sleeping platform and storage system”. Inside the 2 big drawers, it contained camping gear, food, camera, and other supplies.

Putrino planned his trip around the national parks across the US. He started his route with Congaree National Park in South Carolina. On the first night of his travel, he felt conscious and uncomfortable. But when he woke up, he just felt amazing.

It took him a while before getting used to his new life. It was a rough road because he felt lonely on the first few days. He even slept in the parking lot and he was the only person around.

As the time goes by, Putrino enjoyed what he was doing and valued the solitude of low-maintenance travel. He liked the silence and being alone for miles. He also loved the freedom to go anywhere he wants while carrying all the things that he need.

Before deciding to travel around US, Putrino was a seller of heavy machinery in Naples, Florida. He quit his job and decided to see more of his country. His next destination was the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia where he drove 105 miles to the scenic Skyline Drive.

Putrino encouraged everyone to travel if they have time because it is an entrance to new experiences. “It’s definitely something that I recommend doing if you’re going to travel on a budget,” Putrino said.