20 Experiences To Add to Your Bucket List

Get away from your everyday blues and bask in new adventures that quench your wanderlust in several ways. Here’s a list of 20 travel experiences that should be added to your bucket list pronto.

1. Stay in an Overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora

Holiday like an A-lister in a gorgeous overwater bungalow in Bora Bora. Incredible beauty, exclusive islands (frequented by the likes of Jennifer Aniston) and luxe cabanas with humongous infinity pools. This is an idyllic bucket list option for destination weddings and honeymoons, where you can get all moony eyed in your private water villas. 

2. Trek Machu Pichu

Exploring the ancient Inca Trail by hiking along the iconic Machu Pichu. There are many alternate routes worth exploring for hikers who want to avoid the hackneyed path. Expect jaw dropping views, lots of flora and fauna, and an incomparably fascinating cultural heritage. Live like the erstwhile Inca emperors in one of the many hotels here.


3. Go Sushi Eating in Tokyo

It’s no secret that Tokyo has one of the most buzzing and interesting dining scenes in the world, what its signature raw fish delicacy sushi combined with sake. Japan has elevated eating sushi to an art form. Tuck into a hearty and soul satisfying plate of sushi everywhere from tiny joints to Michelin star restaurants.

4. Dive Into The Great Barrier Reef in Australia

One of the few spots on earth which are visible for space, The Great Barrier Reef is a phenomenon eco system that is home to innumerable vibrant fish, dolphins, turtles and fauna, which makes it a playground for divers of all levels. Lots of private resorts and beaches sprinkled around the reef.

5. Take a Scenic Drive Through the Amalfi Coast

Italy’s ‘woman with the killer instinct’, the Amalfi coastal stretch has featured as the ultra-glam backdrop for several Hollywood slick flicks. If you have any doubt, navigate its gorgeous scenic coastal belt by taking a road trip with pitstops at chic cliffs (for selfies) and clear sea vistas. Prepared to get bewitched.

6. Sleep in an English Castle

This is probably your only chance to experience living like a royal (now that Prince Harry isn’t single anymore). Stay at the plush and regal Langley Castle House, an authentic 14-century castle-fortress replete with tons of striking medieval attributes such as medieval armor, cavernous baths and royal poster beds. Splendid indeed!

7. Shop in a Morocco Souk

Enjoy a sensory bonanza at one of Marrakech’s vibrant souks. Snaking your way through a maze of hundreds of buzzing shops, food stalls (who can resist the heady aroma of freshly grilled kebobs?) and fine dine restaurants. Pick up everything from fancy lanterns to exquisite carpets at throwaway prices.

8. Go On an African Safari

Who says safaris can’t be luxe? Plus they are high on adventure. At least once in a lifetime, go on an all-inclusive safari in the wilderness of Africa’s jungles to view up, close and personal a host of fascinating creatures such as giraffes, lions, hyenas, leopards and more. Spend time photographing games from machans, and walk through the bushes.   

9. Photograph the Egyptian Pyramids

One of the only surviving structures of Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, The Great Pyramid of Giza is a photographer’s delight with its mystical backdrop, natural light and surreal composition. Come sunrise or sunset and the place becomes a magnet for tourists flocking to capture the pyramids against the magical tangerine setting. 

10. Witness the Northern Lights

Your travel bucket list is incomplete without the Northern Lights, a dazzling natural phenomenon that happens when tiny solar particles collide with atmospheric atoms.  Northern Lights are a spectacular natural light show, when a colorful burst of lights shows up in the sky at night (in North Pole regions).