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Dancing With Alpacas is a “New Thing” in Canada

Ever fancied waltzing with exotic creatures bang in the middle of a thriving farm? Move over goat yoga, dancing with alpacas is the newest craze. Combining fitness with the stress-busting act of frolicking with these fuzzy creatures, this is as cute as it can get!

313 Farms in Manitoba, Canada is organizing a bunch of weekend fun fitness classes involving everything from hip-hop to Pilates to barre. 

For those wanting to keep their tots enthralled, there are the “Mommy and Me” sessions. Every 45- minute session/class is conducted outdoors, where visitors get an opportunity to view up, close and personal the farm’s nine alpacas in the midst of flourishing nature.

Get acquainted with these charming, amiable creatures in a memorable meet and greet session after the class. You can roam around the farm, pet the alpacas and learn more about their habits. Visitors love feeding them, clicking selfies with them and running around with them. There’s one particular alpaca named Benny, who loves dolling out kisses and rubbing noses with visitors.

One of the founders created the dance classes after witnessing the easy rapport kids shared with these friendly creatures and how much the little ones enjoyed being around them. Once a neighboring farm pioneered goal yoga classes, it was only natural that the alpacas were the next dance partners. The fact that they look like stuffed kiddy toys come alive makes them instantly endearing to children, who gleefully shake a leg with them.   

There are several classes such as Barn Barre, Pacas Hip Hop, Camelid Cardio and more that cost $10 for online registrations and $15 on the spot. Presently, sessions are scheduled until August 19, though the owners plan to conduct fall sessions too due to greater interest.