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Get To Know The World’s Largest Commercial Aircraft, Airbus A380

Have you heard of the Airbus A380? Well, check this out to know its specs and capabilities.

Airbus A380 is four-engine jet airliner that is a double-deck with a wide body. It is manufactured by Airbus, a European manufacturer. It is currently known as the world’s largest passenger airliner and it has more than 300 commercial flights per day.

As the largest passenger aircraft, it has the widest seats with a calm and relaxing surroundings. It also introduces new standards in terms of in-flight comforts from first class to economy. It has a top speed of 1,020 kilometer per hour with a length of 73 meters and wingspan of 80 meters. The very first flight of Airbus A380 was recorded in April 27, 2005 and it was first introduced by Singapore Airlines on October 25, 2007. The three major airlines that uses the A380 are Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa.

It is not only the biggest commercial jet airliner but the most expensive as well. The unit cost is approximately US$436.9 million per one unit of Airbus A380 as of 2017. Its engine type is Turbofan which is very expensive and one of the best engines in the world.

A380 is a double deck which means that there is sufficient space for every passenger and there is enough room with stylish first-class suites, beautiful business areas and bars, and wonderful cabin lighting with the quietest cabin. It has two full-length decks with wide dimensions which means that its two passenger levels offers an entire deck with additional space compared to twin-engine jetliner. The cabin air is recycled every two minutes to keep the air fresh and to keep the passengers refreshed during the flight.

Compared to other aircrafts, A380 has more seats than others and it offers a solution to overcrowding in the aircraft because it can carry 60% more passengers which helps solve the airport congestion and traffic growth.

The passengers will surely enjoy every aspect of their flight because of this innovative aircraft that offers first class services and relaxing atmosphere through the newly implemented noise reduction design elements within the aircraft. This might be your best flight ever so try flying with Airbus A380 that offers an experience of a lifetime!