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Indigo Airlines Creates Child Free Zones in the Aircraft

In what has recently become a much debated and controversial topic on the social media (particularly travel groups), another airline has succumbed to the lure of creating child-free Quiet Zones in their aircrafts, becoming one of the many airlines to reserve adults-only zones in planes.

While the move has predictably stirred a hornet’s nest, it appears like it makes sense business-wise for many carriers, owing to the fact that there is a huge demand for more silent zones on the aircraft. Some people even took to the social media to applaud the airline for their move, and stated they were even willing to pay more for a more peaceful journey.

According to some travelers and airlines, the move gives people travelling for business a good time to work or grab some much needed sleep. However, others simply term it as discriminatory. Though no airline is the United States has a similar arrangement in place yet, it is pretty common among Asian carriers such as Malaysia Airlines, Scoot Airlines and Air Asia since past few years.

Scoot Airlines introduced a unique ScootinSilence upgrade, where children under 12 from prevented from occupying specific rows. Malaysia Airlines straight off banned infants from occupying first class flights, and Air Asia followed closely on the heels with a similar policy.

Business baron Richard Branson had once suggested developing a different kids’ cabin with a bunch of nannies who would supervise them. However the move didn’t go down too well with the Civil Aviation Authority, and eventually has to be scrapped before it could be implemented.

While some are elated at the prospect of enjoying more peaceful travel time, and have welcomed the move, others are simply urging people to get over themselves, and nix such discriminatory arrangements.