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Washington DC Hotel Worth $79,000 Per Night?

A touch of excess
With a little finesse
It’s simply luxurious–Barenaked Ladies. “Curious” (2008)

What do you get for $79,000 per night?  

the jefferson
Image: Pinterest

With the coming of beautiful fall foliage, there must also come beautiful fall foliage hotel packages that augment the annual experience of drivin’ ‘round lookin’ at leaves.  Washington, D.C.’s  The Jefferson has taken this augmentation to a heretofore unknown level.  The Jefferson, a go-to-spot for powerful politicos since 1955, has a new,  $79,000 per night “Deluxe Golden Fall Package” that is the ultimate in beautiful fall foliage getaways.

The Deluxe Golden Fall Package is chock full o’ what some call “autumnal amusements.”  The deluxe deal includes a French-style picnic lunch for two, a personally-chauffeured tour of the Virginia vineyards (with a helicopter transfer), a special “golden hour” sunset yacht cruise, and dinner for two (complete with wine pairings) in the Plume (The Jefferson’s Michelin Guide -starred dining room.)  It also includes  (in his best Rich Fields’ voice). . . “a new car!”  

Not only does the package include a D.C. fall foliage following route, but “a new car” in which to drive said route.  Specifically, the car (one per reservation) is an Audi convertible.  The $47,450-valued TT Roadster is standard although swipe your black card and upgrade to the $177,100 R8 Spyder.  After your autumnal excursion (for an additional charge), the hotel will ship your souped-up souvenir home, auction it off on eBay, (or donate it to the WIll Phoenix Freelancer Fund)

Image: The Jefferson Hotel/Pinterest

The package also includes accommodations in the 1,900-square-foot top-floor Thomas Jefferson (or Presidential) Suite.  Actual presidents have slept here albeit not Washington.  In fact, corporate, Hollywood and royal royalty have trod these walnut parquet floors too.  

As one might expect gold is more than just the color of some of the leaves with the Deluxe Golden Fall Package.  Other gold giveaways guests garner are a pair of gold-monogrammed bathrobes and a golden bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne.  Other related fall frivolities include the $79,000-a-night price which was allegedly derived from the atomic number of gold, 79.  Even the auto was inspired by gold’s chemical symbol, Au, the first two letters of Audi.

For those who have hit a rough spot in the market, The Jefferson also offers a more accessible fall foliage offering.  The Golden Fall Weekend package, features a 15 percent room rate discount, a $30.00o$150.00 daily dining credit and a route map.  This deal, however, is strictly BYOC (bring your own car).

Image: Audi of America/

Don’t forget the tunes to listen to in your new Audi . . .