Most Luminous Places to Attend Christmas Festivities

‘Tis the season to have a Christmas vacation with the family. We listed down some holiday-centric destinations across the globe, which offer up gifts that keep on giving. These include a great spectacle of twinkling Christmas lights, traditional hand-crafted presents, spicy gingerbread and warm mulled wine. We have featured the world’s brightest places to spend the Christmas holiday from New York’s ever-busy holiday bonanza to the Philippines long celebration of Christmas.

New York

It is in the Rockefeller Center where the core of the New York Christmas lies.

Rockefeller Center has a famous ice rink that has been around for 80 years now. There is also a tree, which has been decorated as a holiday tradition since 1931.

There are different kinds of merriment all across the street. The Radio City hosts the Christmas Spectacular yearly. The Rockettes starred in this special.

Columbus Circle has more than 100 vendors selling clothes, gifts, snacks and drinks at the Holiday Market. This is found on the southwest corner of Central Park.

This park has two ponds: one for skating and the other for horse-drawn carriage rides.

The biggest brands in the fashion industry join in the festivities. They set up stunning Christmas window displays.

Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

In early as the 1820s, the legend told us that the North Pole is where Santa Claus is and his jolly missus. However, the Finns would have us believe otherwise.

They believe that Rovaniemi, Lapland, located just a little north of the Arctic Circle, is THE Christmas Headquarters.

Believe it or not, children make gingerbread cookies with Mrs. Claus. They also sign up for the Elf School or take a calligraphy class and create their Christmas wish lists with a traditional quill.

In fact, there are even seasonal positions available as elf workers in Santa’s post office!

The Ranua Zoo is one of the best attractions in Lapland. It is a home for baby polar bears, wolverines and moose. The Arktikum is a science center where we found out more about the Northern lights.

You can also stay in the Arctic Snow Hotel, which is made entirely of snow and ice. Don’t fear because they have saunas and hot tubs.

London (Regent Street)

The popular site in London has garlands of lights that stretch down the length of the road. The 2016 display highlighted a throwback, paying homage when they first hang lights in 1954. The decorations are part of a wider display that runs all the way from Oxford Circus to Waterloo Place via Piccadilly and St James’s. Central London is the place to be for it is set to sparkle.

Montreal, Canada

Its strong French influence brings a touch of a European feel to the Quebec streets. The island shines with Christmas cheer during the winter months. There will be an annual Santa Claus Parade and the French-themed Défilé de Noël festival. Both events see the streets lined with colorful floats; ice skating rinks and Christmas fairs springs all over the city; and weekly fireworks light up the night sky from the Old Port. There all sorts of French-inspired foods– candied chestnuts, buttery pastries and mugs of steaming hot chocolate.


Philippines boasts the world’s longest Christmas season. The Filipino Christmas starts from September up until the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6. Carol singers and parols (traditional star-shaped bamboo or rattan lamps) begin to brighten the streets in September, but the main celebrations begin on December 16 with the Lantern Festival and street parties. Christmas Eve begin with a big family celebration and a huge meal.


Whether your winter vacation trip will boost your holiday nostalgia with traditions, bright lights and cold air. Visiting these places will always reward you with a Christmas break that you will never forget.