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No More Middle Seats For Women On Airlines

One airline just announced there will be no more middle seats for women

Veteran vacationers can confirm that people hate those middle seats.  One airline though is making things easy for females who fly solo to avoid the middle seat.  But before anyone rises up in protest against women being given more than equal rights, read on.

Why will there be no more middle seats for women?

People who have no fear of flying and those who enjoy taking those there’s-the-wing-of-the-plane” pics enjoy the window seats.  Those who like to “hurry-up-and-wait” to get off or have bladder issues enjoy aisle seat.  No one save those who rely on the kindness of strangers enjoys the middle seats.

You penny-pinch your paltry paycheck planning your perfect getaway.  You make it through the all-too-personal TSA tango only to find yourself crammed in between a pair of people you’d prefer not to know.  You check to make sure your shrink is set on speed dial.

Hyperbole?  Perhaps.  If you’re female, however, worry not.

According to The Telegraph, Vistara, the New Delhi, an India-based airline is giving preferential treatment to women traveling by themselves.  They’re allowing them to choose their own seat while checking in online and providing them with extra help with their luggage and transportation needs too free of charge.  They call it their “Women Flyer” service.

If a woman fails to take advantage of this special treatment prior to her flight, the airline reports it will nevertheless be certain to assign “only a window or aisle seat” when she checks in.  Upon arrival, solo female flyers will be met by staff members with signs noting: “#VistaraWomanFlyer Arrivals Assistance” who will provide further assistance.

The airline reports that between 75 and 100 solo women use this service daily.  The privileged plan is meant to curtail concerns over the safety of single women in India after numerous assaults and rapes such as the gang-raping and murder of a 23-year-old female on a bus in Delhi in 2013.  In fact, just last month a gang rape survivor was attacked with acid.  Finally, India has also recently launched a women-only taxi service and women-only train cars in Delhi to deal with their safety issues.