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Richard Branson to Launch a New Cruise Line that Travelers will Love

Virgin Voyages will soon start its first cruise travel, in the year 2020 as it has been the estimated timeframe by which their first ship will set sail. This is a major milestone for them as it will be their first journey toward success hence, this will also be a great reward for the staff as well as the pioneered guests who will take their first step inside the ship.

It was first announced in 2015, although the Virgin Voyages haven’t been active for two years. This time, they finally have something to show as their first ship which is called (temporarily) Virgin I or Hull 6287 has been set into place, not only that, there are a total of three ships which is made by Fincantieri’s Sestri Ponente shipyard in Italy which cost around $2.55 billion.

The ship’s exterior is sleek and silvery which is accented with the color red which is Virgin’s trademark as well as the popular mermaid bow seal which is placed on the side of the ship. The interiors however, has not yet been revealed to the public. The ship is expected to have a capacity of about 2,800 guests and 1,150 crew. Although the cruise sounds promising, especially to the young travelers out there, there is a certain age restriction which is set under 18 years and below as it has been planned to be “Adult by Design”, those who are more mature yet young at heart and those who are open to different adventures experiences. The reason why they don’t allow children inside is for the enjoyment of the majority who come to have fun and those who want to have a relaxing week. Children tend to misbehave most of the time and this may affect the experience of other passengers on board.

The design allows the ship to stand out from the rest as it has well-coordinated colors and patterns which is already visible on the exterior parts similar with the plan laid out for the interior. 86% of the cabins are said to have ‘sea terraces and 93% will have ocean views from their windows which will allow them to enjoy the ocean waves and possibly encounter passing sea creatures such as whales and friendly dolphins. The design is inspired by the superyacht which gives the ship a very distinctive look and it also proves to be more efficient than other ships because it consumes fair amount of fuel.

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin companies, together with the company Ceo, Tom McAlpin, have decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of having a cruise ship line which is set to become “the world’s most gorgeous ship”. In fact, they have already been successful in developing other types of businesses such as hotels and transits.

The Virgin Cruise focuses not only on the guests rating and satisfaction. They are also considering the sustainability of their resources in order to maintain the cleanliness of the environment especially to the oceans. As much as possible, guests are only allowed to bring toiletries and cosmetic products which does not cause any sort of damage to the reefs as well as to the marine life living in the oceans. They are also partnering with Scanship who provides waste management systems. It will be beneficial for them and for the environment as the wastes coming from the ship will be used to create energy using microwave technology. This project may prove useful as it can lessen their load and create clean energy.

In summary, the Virgin Voyages cruise will offer you a relaxing and memorable experience as there are certain policies that will ensure the safety and order inside the ship which will benefit every single guest. Also, the company is also leaning towards energy conservation for the sake of the oceans and the environment.