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Scotland’s Top Luxury Train Now Has Onboard Spa

This train is a clean train, everybody riding . . . Sister Rosetta Tharpe, “This Train” (1939)

Yes, Scotland’s most luxurious train now has an onboard spa!

The Belmond Royal Scotsman is a mobile luxury hotel.  It is a train detailed with tartan heritage throw pillows,  comfy couches, and mahogany wood panels.  Passengers travel in style as they transverse the striking wilderness and scenic small towns of Scotland.

“Party Train”

If that isn’t enough to grab your interest, a few months ago they also installed a luxury spa.  Now particular passengers can partake in an intimate onboard therapeutic massage (providing they can tear themselves away from the noteworthy Highland views right outside one’s window).  Indeed, with the rather scenic countryside routes and the gentle, enjoyable motion of the train, these railway rides can be quite memorable.


Ah, but the upgraded Belmond Royal Scotsman has recently “upped the ante” when one thinks of relaxation.  The creation of the U.K.’s first onboard spa was due in part to a partnership between the British beauty and fashion brand Bamford and the train company.  Bamford is reportedly best known for selecting only the very best organic ingredients to include in their broad range of botanical, “nature-inspired” skincare.

onboard spa

Spend a day at the spa, we’ll run up the black card–Joe, “Time Of Your Life” (2011)

The spa treatments are said to include just about anything and everything one would expect from any high-end, luxury spa.  For example, there’s the popular Bamford Bespoke Facial.  This special facial features 55 minutes of reflexology.

The nearly one-hour session includes the massaging of specific facial areas, specified in Chinese medicine, that are related to the energy lines of the body, yogic breath work, and lymphatic drainage. and yogic breath work.  The session concludes with a Shiatsu deep tissue massage of one’s back and shoulders utilizing the traditional hot stones to relax and soften one’s muscles.

The onboard Bamford Haybarn Spa consists of two separate treatment rooms.  Passengers can enjoy the spa-like ambiance in either carriage space due in part to sustainable, whitewashed wood from the Cotswolds and Scotland.  They even include soft, white linens and small vases of fragrant rosemary sprigs.


“C’mon N’ Ride It”

The Belmond Royal Scotsman offers travelers several itineraries that feature the best of both England and Scotland for a period of between two to seven nights.  Enjoy the pine-covered mountains, wildflower meadows and glassy lochs and lakes.  Visit and explore Scotland’s natural and historic attractions including the expansive estates, quaint villages and national parks prior to spending the night in a private cabin.