Sea World Cares Dolphin Rehabilitation Center

With so much buzz around the internet about dolphins and zoos having animals in captivity, it is important for the public to understand what exactly Sea World and other organizations are doing with their rehabilitation programs.

At Sea World Orlando, a program called Sea World Cares brings in bottle nosed dolphins who have been injured or stranded on beaches, to care for them. Although it would be easy to assume the worst about animals in captivity it is important to understand the benefits of rescue programs like the one at Sea World Orlando.

In one such example as noted on Sea World Cares website you can read the story about one of the Bottle Nosed dolphins that was brought into the rehabilitation center. “Earlier this week a 7-foot, 205-pound male bottlenose dolphin, found stranded in Sanibel, Florida, was rescued by SeaWorld Orlando’s Animal Rescue Team and brought to the SeaWorld Orlando Rehabilitation Center where it is currently receiving round-the-clock care. Upon its arrival, SeaWorld’s veterinarians and animal care staff immediately began providing fluids and antibiotics for the dolphin and conducted a complete health assessment.”

If you are interested in learning more about how zoos and aquariums are rehabilitating wild animals who have been injured or endangered in some way, it may be worth while to do some research on Sea World Cares and other rehabilitation centers, so that you to, can stay up to date and knowledgable about what these programs are and what their intentions are. It could even be possible that you will choose to visit the rehabilitation center and support them with your visit, once you understand what it is they are doing for the animals.


Here is the website for SEA WORLD CARES.