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Sleep in These Cute Owl Shaped Cabins For Free in Bordeaux

When you’ve had enough of wine and soul-stirring vineyard trips, hop into one of these
cute cabins to relax. These charming little cabins are shaped like a bunch of the region’s
ground-bound owls. What’s more? It’s absolutely free.

A brainchild of French collective Bruit du Frigo, the project kick starts a series of several
such commissioned public shelters planned in the region in the upcoming months.
Bordeaux is doing all it can to promote more off-beat hiking places and exploratory
experiences that offer shelter to travelers.

The idea is to offer urban dwellers a more rustic countryside living adventure that offers
a respite from the chaos of city life.

The owl shaped structures have been designed by a French architectural company called
Zebra3. Though these quintessentially rural and earthy looking cabins are devoid of any
amenities like water and electricity, they make for amazing glamping spaces.
Each cabin can accommodate about 9-10 people, making it an ideal place for a last-
minute break or day trip with buddies. Carry your own food, water, beverages and other
basics to make the most of your rustic break.

The quirky and functional wooden cabins are housed on a suspended pier across a
pleasant wetland region (whoa adventure!). Talk about attention to detail – the owls
have nothing less than shingle feathers and porthole eyes. Indoors, the cabins have three
levels connected with ladders, complemented by circular beds that resemble a bird’s

Go on a road trip to enjoy the rolling vineyards and lush countryside of Bordeaux, and
enjoy a quick jaunt here. The cabins have become so popular that bookings are full for
the next few months. If you’re serious about glamping here on your next trip to
Bordeaux, try and book online in advance.