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The Antipodes Map Shows You Exactly Where You’ll Land if You Dug a Hole in the Earth

If you’re as insane as me, you’ve obviously wondered where you will land up if you dug a hole in the earth. In a bid to satisfy your curiosity, some ingenious brains have joined forces to create the Antipodes map, which claims to reveal precisely where you will land if you dug a hole through the earth’s surface (and of course survive the hot molten substances beneath the surface).

Folks from the United Kingdom automatically assume they’ll land in down under in Australia, while those from USA think they’ll be China bound without a costly plane ticket.

This striking-looking, interactive map shows you the location of the place where you’ll end up by digging your way through the earth’s crust. 

Those living in Brooklyn, New York are informed that they’ll land straight into the ocean, while also being warned to look out for sharks (yes authenticity is also something, isn’t it?). So much for living one’s adventure fantasy with a bunch of maps.

Not to be outdone, the Spanish are told that they’ll end up in the gorgeous landscape of New Zealand. If you are a resident of Hebei, China, you could very well be tango-ing your way to Argentina. Those tired of living in Colombia can very well greet Indonesia.

Which are the most hazardous places to dig from? If the founders are to be believed, it’s Europe. Most parts of the continent lead straight into the middle of an ocean. So if you’re in Europe, you know it’s not worth it to venture underground!

Don’t try all the digging of course; it is simply to quench your curiosity. Make it fun by entering your location, and discovering where the antipode points.