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The Dubai Underwater Villas Are as Surreal as it Can Get!

Ever fancied living in the throes of Dubai’s deep sapphire waters?
Permanently ensconced in luxury, the city has another ace up its already
opulent sleeve. The first of its kind in the plush Emirates city – A partially
underwater villa, no less!
Just when people believed the Middle East hotspot realty scene couldn’t get
any more dramatic, comes a $2 million worth submerged villa, fitting called
the Floating Seahorse. And predictably, it’s making waves for the right

Part of a string of islands known as the “Heart of Europe”, it is nestled a few
kilometers off Dubai’s main coast on the headily beautiful St Petersburg
Island. The Floating Seahorse (one of a total of 42 villas planned) marks a
befitting milestone for the iconic World Island Project.
Dripping with Dubai’s signature grandeur, the three storey beauty features,
among other things, an below water level bedroom, a plush water below
lounge, glass Jacuzzi, an open deck, outdoor shower facilities, a fully
functional kitchen and hold your breath – a spectacular, submerged coral

With sprawling floor to ceiling windows, residents can enjoy glimpses of the
region’s underwater wonders. Breakfast in the company of a few endearing
sea creatures each morning doesn’t seem like a far-flung idea now, does it?
Developers The Kleindienst Group doesn’t just want to build world-class
residences but also aim to preserve the area’s marine ecology.

The rest of the underwater residences will be ready by the end of 2017.
Travelers wanting to savor a slice of the gold city’s lavishness first-hand can
visit the twin underwater suites at Atlantis, The Palm – Neptune and
Poseidon. For roughly $8,000/night, guests can enjoy a smattering of
experiences, including spectacular vistas of The Ambassador Lagoon: a
staggering three million gallon sized aquarium replete with a collection of
over 65,000 marine creatures, including sharks.