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The Most Unique Must Do Adventures In Alaska

Going up to Alaska
Up to the land of the midnight sun
Where the whale and the polar bear run
O’er the icy blue sea–John Denver, “Alaska”, (1980)

Explore the natural wonder   of the Last Frontier: Alaska

Yes! If you’re going to Alaska, there are more thing to do and places to see than you might imagine. Luckily, we here at specialize in not only in exposing you to an exciting assortment of options but we can also help you work out yourMust Do” Bucket List. In that spirit, we now present the top five unique, “must do” Alaska experiences courtesy of the citizens of Alaska:

1. See A Tidewater Glacier Crash Into The Ocean

This unique experience will serve as a beautiful, staunch reminder of the power of Mother Nature. Witness a five-story high glacier face sheer off and practically explode into the icy ocean. Think of it: A piece of glacial ice the size of a professional baseball weighs roughly half a pound. Imagine the effect as a whole wall of ice breaks free and plunges into the ocean.

2. Take A Flight Over An Alaskan Mountain Range

Sign on for a flight (via airplane or helicopter) over Alaska’s crevasses, glaciers, and mountains. Veteran visitors claim it is “an other-worldly experience.”
You’ll be comfy and warm as you view glacial formations and icy peaks that remain untouched by man. Don’t buy into the mistaken belief that you have to actually tour Mount McKinley to take in the full effect either. Any reputable flightseeing tour will work. In fact, the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is one example of a noteworthy tour.

Image Courtesy of Alaska Bear Adventures

3. Get Face-to-Face With A Wild Animal

Experience the primal emotion of staring into the eyes of a wild beast (from a totally safe distance, that is). If you ever went backpacking for a week existing on little more than freeze-dried food, you might have a little bit of insight into the lives of the animals here. You spend your years living off the land.
With little or no shelter and clothing you survive the bitter cold of Alaska’s infamous winters. Experienced travelers agree that one of the best Alaskan adventures is a Bear Viewing Tour. On these tours, you can spend hours seeing these creatures in large numbers in their natural habitat.

4. The “Alaska Factor”: Experience Alaska’s Eerie Vastness

You need but to rent a car to experience Alaska’s oftentimes eerie vastness. You can hike in one of the wide-open valleys, climb an Alaskan mountain or simply drive on one of the state’s rural highways. The natives call the experience the “Alaska Factor.”
Essentially the Alaska Factor is this unique feeling that It “seems to go on forever.” Think about it: You could cover one million acres per day and it would still take you over a year to see the entire state. Take your car for a casual drive on the highway for a couple of hours.
Then check a map to see how little ground that you really covered. Take a hike on the frozen tundra in the direction of Denali for a few of hours. Note how the beautiful scenery goes on forever and does not change. The famous Alaska Factor is more than a feeling. It is real.

5. Watch A Glacial River Flow By

Alaskans report that their rivers are different than any other rivers in the world. Whether you decide to rent watercraft and float down one of the rivers or just study one from while standing on the bank, it is a breathtaking moment when you truly try to understand the incredible quantity of meltwater that rushes from the Alaskan mountain glaciers to the ocean. You may think the single river which you are presently contemplating to be huge but, in fact, there are actually 30,000 more of across the state. What’s more, each and every single one of them has been reportedly “flowing for thousands of years.”

This is the only way to experience the natural wonders of the 50th state.  Alaska is, after all, “the last frontier.” So if you have the chance to score cheap tickets to Alaska, don’t question it. Print out this list! Then, just go!