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Ultimate Travel Guide to Australia

Any thoughts of going on a major vacation? Australia awaits you! Explore the richest rainforests and the sunny white sand beaches that will surely make your summer the most memorable one you’ll have. Go on a road trip, dive into the clear waters and see the wonders Australia has to offer.


Australia offers the most of everything, especially the seasons. The Northern part have just the right humidity through-out the year while the Southern states have cooler climates. Summer is from December to February, autumn lasts from March to May, June to Augusts is the winter season, and spring starts from September to November.


Hotel rooms range from about 20 AUD per night, however, it is more expensive in the coastal cities. Private rooms with the best accommodation are as expected, more expensive, they range from 75-100 AUD. Most tourists who tends to go all out usually get a reservation from larger chain hotels which costs over 200 AUD per night. If you are more into outdoor settings, you can also go camping, it is cheaper than an average hotel stay which ranges between 15-30 AUD per night.


There are lots of ways to explore the country, you can take a bus or the local city trains which costs only 3-4 AUD. Another way of travelling is via Greyhound and Oz which are more expensive depending on the distance of the location. Flights are more expensive than land travel since there are only a few competing airlines so it is better to take a ride from the local transits or just drive on your own.

The Low Season

Hotel visits are cheaper during this time, the streets and parks are also less crowded. The downside however, is the humidity which makes travelling less comfortable. It occurs during October and lasts up to March. During this season, flooding in some areas are also one of the reasons why this is not the best season to tour around the country.

Jellyfish Season

If you are planning to swim on the oceans of Australia, take note of the right season, getting stung by a box jellyfish would be last thing you’d ever want from a perfect vacation. Jellyfish seasons usually starts at October and lasts until April in the North while it occurs in November up to March in most of the Western part. During this time, it is advised to stay clear from the water as it is swarming with box jellyfish which are quite deadly.


January is also not one of the best season to take a vacation in Australia because of the overwhelming heat and over-crowded places that may affect your visit. It is also high season for mosquitoes, flies and snakes which makes it more inconvenient.

Special Dates

Australia celebrates various events and festivals whole year round, that is why there are specific dates in which you can choose to visit the country. If you are interested to go to an event held in Australia, early booking is a must as hotels tend to fill up quickly. Events such as the Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and the Annual Canberra Festival takes place in early March.

Famous Landmarks

Sydney and the Blue Mountains

One of the best view of the mountains that overlook the beaches along the coast, it surely is one of the most relaxing spot for all the nature lovers.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef system in the world. It is made up of over 2,900 coral reefs surrounded by 900 islands, it runs for over 2,600km covering an approximate 344,400 square km.

The Outback

Most parts of Australia are dry, barren lands which are known as The Outback. Explore these dry parts and discover new things.