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Ultimate Travel Guide to Switzerland

There are plenty of reasons why you really need to visit Switzerland in your lifetime. It has the most amazing mountain scenery, adrenaline-inducing activities and the scrumptious food that will leave you craving for more. The topography of Switzerland is known to be extremely varied resulting in multiple weather patterns across the nation. Rain is most common during summer, though it’s heavier mountainous regions on the Swiss Plateau. Precipitation is spread throughout the year overall so you must prepare to avoid it during your trip.

Weather and Climate

Switzerland has great regional micro-climates. The sub-Jura valleys have the coldest weather in the country while the southernmost canton of Ticino has humid, Mediterranean-like air. Switzerland’s climate is typically the center of Europe, so, it has cool daytime temperatures and very cool nights. The summers have plenty of sun, however, the occurrence of rain is just as normal. Spring and autumn are really nice. The weather during those times are pretty chilly with a sporadic hot winds that occasionally blow through low-lying valleys.


The peak seasons are during the months of July and August, when the weather is most pleasant. If you plan to go, book your accommodations in advance. The youth hostels, hotels and inns really fill up really fast. However, if you want to go when there is lesser people, the ideal months are April, May, September and October. The crowds are thin yet the weather is almost near perfection.


Things You Can Do

Hop on a hot balloon ride and see the Switzerland’s stunning geography from above. Participate or watch local sports like schwingen (Swiss wrestling) and steinstossen (stone throwing). Discover medieval architecture and Renaissance era statues at the heart of the Old City of Bern. Take a peak at the exquisite painted ceiling of the Einsiedeln Abbey in Schwyz. We saved the best for last. Don’t miss out on climbing the Matterhorn, which is the most famous of the Swiss Alps. Hike through the Swiss National Park. This is highly recommended for all seasoned mountaineers.


Must-Travel Places

Switzerland may be small compared to other countries but, it has some share of beautiful sights and notable landmarks. Here are some:

  1. Matterhorn, Zermatt

    It is arguably the most photographed mountain in the world with its pyramid shape. Named as the Switzerland’s most famous Alpine peak, this mountain stands at 4,478 metres high. It attracts mountaineers from all corners of the globe eager to reach its ascent. Some daredevils even conquer its summit! Skiers and snowboaders go here during winter while hikers can be found on summer.

  2. Chateau de Chillon, Montreux

    This is found at the heart of the Swiss Riviera on the banks of Lake Geneva. Chillon Castle is a four-century old water fortress that served as the seat of the wealthy Counts of Savoy. Stroll through its ancient halls where 14th century paintings, towers, subterranean vaults, bedrooms, weaponry and furniture are  preserved in their original form. It consists of 25 building and three courtyards and is accessible by boat, bus or foot from the town of Montreux.

  3. The Rhine Falls

    It is Europe’s largest waterfall and has an enchanting sight that represents Swiss tourism.  The Rhine Falls is in the northernmost part of Switzerland near the town of Schaffhausen, which stretches to more than 150 metres. The Rheinfall flaunts a wonderful firework display that draws a lot of tourists on Swiss National Day.