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What Unbelievable Discovery Did Scientists Just Find Deep In The Ocean?

There’s something left underwater–The Fray, “We Build Then We Break” (2009)

What incredible discovery was made in the depths of the waters off the Egyptian coast?

Somewhere off the coast of Egypt professional divers recently discovered something that the world believed to have been lost a long, long, long time ago.  Ah but 1200 years later, the nigh-legendary ancient city of Heracleion, has been found in the bay of Aboukir.  This recently discovered city reportedly dates back to 6th century B.C.

The Heracleion discovery included some beautiful artifacts.  The unearthed artifacts included stone tablets, treasures of rare stones and gold, elaborate temples, and large red granite statues of gods and goddesses more than 15 feet high.  To the historical preservation community, this fins is nothing less than enormous.  This noteworthy and unexpected discovery has already been commissioned by a number of different museums worldwide.  Here, we will present but a brief look at this incredible underwater discovery.  


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Above is a headshot of a red granite statue.  The statue is said to be of the god known as Hapi. Hapi is most famous for being the god in charge of flooding the Nile.  Hapi is also reputed to symbolize both fertility and abundance.  A Hapi statue of this size has never been previously found.  


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Above the research team and the divers gently lift the ancient statue to the surface so that they can both protect and preserve a piece of history.   


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In the above picture are the pharaoh, his queen and the god named Hapi.  They are laid out on the barge with a temple stele. The stele is reported to harken back to 2nd century B.C.     


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This is a gold plaque discovered in the southern section of the city.  


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A bronze statue of the god Osiris reflected in the mask of the diver.


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Franck Goddio, a diver, with an inscribed stele.  


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As this goes to press, numerous scientists and researchers continue to flock to this part of the world to learn more about this once lost Egyptian metropolis.  Researchers all agree that this discovery is special for several reasons.  Not only was it found underwater untouched for all these years but it is significant for its very size alone.

Many of these artifacts and statues are huge and well-preserved.  Just the attention to detail on these various pieces is surprising.  The discovery is going to be carefully cared for and handled with care.