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Why Is Helsinki One Of The World’s Most Livable Cities?

In the city there is something to see–Jane’s Addiction, “City” (1989)

Why is Helsinki one of the world’s most livable cities?  

The Economist Intelligence Unit has ranked Helsinki, Finland, as one of the world’s most livable cities.  It took ninth place overall and second place in Europe behind the city of Vienna (which as some people know, waits for you). Cities were judged on elements having to do with infrastructure, education, healthcare, and stability.  Here are some details:

Food And Drink

Helsinki offers a wide variety of cuisine.  It hosts numerous international restaurants offering Indian, Japanese, Nepalese, and Turkish dishes.  Located on the southern coast along the Baltic Sea also makes the city a great place for fresh seafood.  Helsinki hosts annual events such as a Fish Catch and their Crayfish Festival.

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Helsinki Housing

Housing in Helsinki may be more costly because it is a capital city.  Still, housing there is of the highest quality.  Run-down buildings are practically non-existent.  

Housing laws are strict and built to withstand the coldest winters.  Nearly every home includes access to a Finnish sauna. Even the city’s social housing for the homeless is rated as high-quality housing.

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Helsinki has a well-organized public transportation system and network of roads.  People travel to the off-shore islands via ferry  The central train station is one of the world’s best.  The Helsinki-Vantaa airport and the subway system are famously efficient too.

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Low Crime Rate

Another positive aspect about Helsinki is that violent crime is reportedly very rare.  The majority of the city’s neighborhoods are so safe that women and children can safely walk the streets any time of day or night without fear.  Vandalism and theft don’t occur on a regular basis and for the most part, the crime rate is significantly low.

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Religious And Social Rights

Helsinki, indeed all of Finland, is often complimented for its diverse, secular social democracy.  There is reported to be a significant absence of political corruption as well.  The priority is not on political or religious choices but on being a decent human being.  

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Sports And Culture

Helsinki is famous for both culture and sport (especially ice hockey).  There are 70 various indoor sports facilities.  There are also many art galleries, concert venues, libraries, and theatres.  All these facilities are easily accessible.  Many of these places highlight the work of newer, up-and-coming local talent.