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You Can Now Buy an Island in Japan That is Cheaper Than Apartments

Have you ever think of owning an island? It is not that expensive in Japan!

Many people think that buying an island is only possible for the wealthy, or only happens in movies. However, in Japan, a country consisting a total of 6,852 islands, owning an island is possible! The cost of an island is even cheaper than a regular city apartment in Tokyo.

For locals in Japan, owning an island is not a news, but for foreigners, it is something interesting and intriguing because buying an island in other countries is impossible and far from reality.

Japan is popular for the geishas in Kyoto and the modern streets of Tokyo. But in reality, a big portion of the land mass of the country is made up of sprawling and diverse archipelago home to a number of uninhabited and tropical islands which is untouched by humans.

There is a Japanese real estate website called Aqua Styles, which is a market to uninhabited Japanese islands. You can find a 3,384 m2 Small Mountain Island, part of Wakayama Prefecture, it is ringed by white sand and costs 15 million yen (US $1,411,500).

For budget-friendly island, a 1,022 m2 Marushima island in Mie Prefecture is the best if you want something that is surrounded by pear farms and only 30 meters away from the mainland. It costs US $207,240 which is the basic price of a luxurious car.

If you’re looking for quantity, Saga Island is the best option. It is a set of three islands for sale for 30 million yen and it costs US $94,000 per island. It is similar to the price of a small 15 m2 studio apartment in Shinjuku which is around US $91,600.

According to Financial Times, most of the islands are difficult to convert into quick cash sums and many of the islands were purchased by elder family members and have been passed down to generations. Some of the islands have just been forgotten over time.

Furthermore, according to Aqua Styles, there has been foreign interest in islands even in the past but they haven’t seen a foreign buyer snap one of the islands. Japan has currently no restrictions on foreign buyers of islands. So if you are interested and dreaming of owning an island, consider saving up when you’re planning to visit Japan to buy an island!